Antoine Bell

Managing Director

Growing up as the son of an International soccer star, Antoine Bell had the chance to live in and visit various continents and cities. His youth was filled with invaluable eye-opening life experiences. They range from meeting the General Secretary of the United Nations at his New York offices, all the way to residing on his ancestors’ property deprived from electricity and running water in the middle of the rain forest.

After graduating from a top-ranked high school in Bordeaux (France), he received a scholarship and moved to the North East to continue his education. After graduating with a Marketing degree, he pursued his dreams of finding a career in the land of opportunities. After some great coaching and training from mentors who already had achieved inspiring success in the New York City business environment, Antoine founded The BBB Conglomerate Network.

Since then, the company assembled a remarkable group of diverse and reliable partners as well as clients.
“This year has been very productive in both growth and financials. I absolutely cannot wait to see what we do with the momentum we have in the years to come”.